“Our money management process is designed to create and preserve the wealth of our clients.”
-Paul Dietrich, CEO, Fairfax Global Markets

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Fairfax Investment Management Philosophy

Fairfax Investment Management Philosophy


Paul Dietrich's Update on the Stock Market Correction - August 14, 2015

This is the report on the current stock market correction that Paul Dietrich sent out to Fairfax Global Market clients on August 14, 2015. Click here for the report.

                    Paul on CNBC 11.04.2015

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FAIRFAX is a global investment manager with a time-tested process based on technical analysis. Our primary objective is to build client wealth by participating in sustained "Bull" markets and avoiding participation in stock markets during the inevitable downturns that erode account values and negatively impact lifestyles.

This process was implemented by Paul Dietrich at Foxhall Capital Management and continues to be utilized by Mr. Dietrich as Chief Investment Officer of Fairfax Global Markets. Read More



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